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Your Journey to Prosperity Part 4 - The Anointing

You Are on your way to the blessed life...

You stand in awe before Him. And suddenly you notice that water starts to come in gradually. You continue to bring a sacrifice of praise and offer yourself as a living sacrifice before the throne of God. Now the water is getting deeper and a beautiful, healthy and deep-rooted tree stands in the middle, on the right side of Jesus.

When you commit yourself to anything worthwhile bearing Jesus name, He will surely bring you to the place where the river flows, where there is success and prosperity. Jesus was tempted in the desert but He did not sin. Like Him, everyone must pass the desert before going to the place where river flows, where trees grow, the place where there is prosperity and breakthrough.

When you’re just a few steps away from your destiny be careful because deceptions and lies just hover around over time. In some occasions you are tempted to backtrack in some negativity that you acquired from the desert. It sticks up and pulls you away from the path to wealth and prosperity God has intended for you. When you’re so close to arriving at prosperity land, the more the enemy will shake you. So, be vigilant not to listen to his voice. All he wants is to disconnect the anointing because the anointing will generate life in your life. But when God’s hand is upon you breakthrough will take place.

Let me take you in the desert for a while. What do you find in the desert? In the desert there is oil. When there is oil, there is light. So, don’t be afraid when God brings you to the desert again. You can look beyond the desert and see your future through dreams and visions God has poured on you. The bible says in Joel 2:28.. Afterward I will pour out my Spirit on everyone: your sons and daughters will proclaim my message; your old people will have dreams, and your young people will see visions.

The greatest and the most amazing ideas, guidance, understanding, insights, broadcast we receive from God is because of the anointing. He sends oil, to equip you. He opens up the floodgates of heavens and sends divine provisions. When you’re heart is in tune with God, united with God, you never lack heaven’s supplies. God will empower everything you do to make you successful.

When God has given you the victory, you will rise above new level of prominence and status with higher spiritual consciousness, with new found freedom and with greater awareness of God’s presence in your life and you family as well. God will bring you to new heights, higher responsibilities, higher achievements, higher ground, a place where the Lord God is. He’s going to move you to something new and grand. You are no longer ordinary but extraordinary because of the anointing acquired by soaking in the presence of the Lord.

To God be the glory, honor and praise! God bless!

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Your Journey to Prosperity Part 5

Prosperity is already here.

Such is the wealth of life in this area. The lights of the new day flood the entire fishpond that occupies the whole area. You can’t believe how huge the territory is. You’re standing in front of it and yet it feels like watching the globe. It’s as if you and Jesus are standing on top of the mountain and watch the universe as God pointed His hand here and there.

In your journey God continues to anoint you more and more making His promises to come to pass, to turn the impossible into possible, to experience security during instability, to give hope during restless times, to give strength during hard times, to give courage and boldness in times of fears and doubts.

When God delivers you from bondage and promote you to be His son or daughter, blessings just overtake you. His favor is upon you and you have more job opportunities, increase businesses, increase income, new home, new car. And not just you, God blesses your household, the people who come in contact with you, your church, your ministries. God is now giving you increase, multiplication, advancement, promotion, wealth or prosperity.

God is truly faithful so, give more of yourself to God; give your time, your talents, your money especially your tithes. God keeps blessing you so you become His kingdom Businessman or Businesswoman. There are a lot of ministries that go to the ends of the earth to tell the thirsty, hungry, broken and orphaned people that Christ is King, that He is our Blessed Redeemer. God is calling His children to give financial aid for God’s kingdom advancement. Utilize the gifts God has given you and you will move upward in life. Do your part and be amazed. You don’t need to search the horizons for God’s blessings and provisions. They will just come to you. Learn to count your blessings each day, enjoy them and always thank God for everything He has given you as He continues to pump unending and unlimited flow of His life to you.

All these are the fruits of your labor, the rewards from God because of your hard work, faithfulness in listening and obeying God. Everything you believe God can do to your life will come true. Indeed all things are possible with God. He is our source. He manifests in unusual, unexpected and amazing ways. Give thanks for all the great deeds God has done in your life. Celebrate with Him. The harvest season is to be enjoyed. The greatest news is that harvest is forever when God is your partner in everything you do.

When you experience the fullness of life, the abundance of God’s blessings, the better life, be humble and love God and the people around you. As Deuteronomy 8:11-14 says:

Make certain that you do not forget the Lord your God; do not fail to obey any of his laws that I am giving you today. When you have all you want to eat and have built good houses to live in and when your cattle and sheep, your silver and gold, and all your other possessions have increased, be sure that you do not become proud and forget the Lord your God who rescued you from Egypt, when you were slaves.

Spread His love, let your integrity remain intact, be channels of blessings, tell the world about the great things God has done in your life. Make His name famous to the ends of the earth.

To God be the glory, honor and praise. God bless!

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Some reasons to be a Christian?... A few ideas

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<p>How can a Christian such as ourselves, believing both in the Scriptures and the New Revelation, answer to an unbeliever about the main possible reasons to be a Christian?...</p>

<p>Of course, he could mention salvation and eternal life after the death of body. But for the unbeliever these are, in the usual circumstances of life, just kind of philosophical concepts. He could mention the moral arguments... but each man of conscience can recognize them also outside any religious belief. He could unfold some modern scientific arguments which indeed, point to the existence of an intelligent and incredibly careful creator... but the nonbeliever may easily observe that none of them implies that this mysterious creator incarnated himself as a man to bring the example of divine love to mankind in order to ensure its salvation. He could enumerate the prophecies of the Old Testament, confirmed by the Dead Sea Scrolls, which find their fulfillment in the life of Jesus as it is described in Gospels. However, these ones will usually not attract the unbeliever, for he already heard about all kinds of other theories which seem to condemn irrefutably their fallacies and shortcomings. He could mention the New Revelation through Lorber and Mayerhofer, which confirms the scriptures and fully solves all Christian dilemma. Unfortunately, very few will take some interest in studying a teaching which has still no popularity in the world. With other words... even if what they hear seems pretty interesting, they chose to remain skeptics because&#160; no worldly authority supports that message.</p>

<p>Finally... the believer may then simply affirm that to be a true Christian means not only to love your fellowman, but also to be able to keep this love alive against all enmities and injustices, to be able to turn self-love, resentments and hate into love, by means of forgiveness and compassion. He may conclude that to be a true Christian means to be an apostle of unconditional, invincible love.</p>

<p>Some proof for this?... Any seeker may browse the old and modern history of Christianity and discover at every step people letting themselves killed on the cross, given to the lions, chopped off, tortured and killed in an unimaginable variety of ways, for their faith.</p>

<p>Could any mental delusion lead to such incredible sacrifices? Certainly, not.</p>

<p>Could love lead to them? Certainly, yes. And real faith is nothing else but the living promise of love.</p>

<p>In a world in which love is the most misunderstood and betrayed thing, the Christian martyrs represent in the purest way the fundamental truth any good parent and true lover recognizes:<strong> life is less than love</strong>.</p>

<p>So, finally, coming back to our question... why should an unbeliever be interested in becoming a Christian?</p>

<p>Well, simply because he might be interested to discover in himself <strong>the love which is greater than life</strong>.</p>

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The Judgment over the Epicures - other prophecies from the New Revelation concerning our times

<p>"[1] You know that someone who has become rich in earthly goods has most of the time also become in his heart as a stone of in sensitiveness and without love. What does he care about the many thousands of other people who are tormented by hunger, thirst and still other disasters, for he is well provided for, has never felt hunger or thirst and has an abundance of treasures to please him with every other pleasure, so that he does not have to taste any boredom or any other displeasure.</p>

<p>[2]&#160;But then, where does such a person stand in his inner spiritual sphere of life? I say to you: on the point of eternal judgment and its&#160;death, and his whole circle of acquaintances is not far away from&#160;it.</p>

<p>[3]&#160;Besides that, remember what I will proclaim to you: <strong><span class="fbUnderline">when there will be a lot of Epicures on the Earth, a general judgment over all the people on this Earth will also soon be allowed by God.</span> Then we will see if somewhere there will again be men who will stand up with the measuring stick in their hand and dare to say to their fellowmen: ‘Look, I have measured this big piece of land, I have indicated its boundaries and declare this as my complete inviolable property, and he who has the brutality to dispute this or will only say: ‘Friend, everyone of us has the right to snatch this imagined right out of your hands, as long as he has the power and the means to do it&#39;, I will punish with death.&#39;</strong></p>

<p><strong>[4]&#160;I say to you: <span class="fbUnderline">at that time such people will never exist</span>, for when next time I will come again on this Earth to keep judgment over such dead epicures, but also to give the reward of life to those who out of love for God and their fellowman have suffered much misery and distress, then the Earth will no more be measured with any measuring stick for the benefit of one person only, but wherever one will stand, he will also reap and provide for his need. And the people will well support one another, and no one will say: ‘Look, this is my property and I am lord over it.&#39;<span class="fbUnderline"> Because then men will perceive that I alone am the Lord, and that they all are brothers and&#160;sisters.</span></strong></p>

<p>[5]&#160;It is true that this should also be the case among the people now, but in this middle period of development of men who are still not purified by the big fire of life, it will stay allowed, but from now on, it will not be a full 2.000 years anymore. After that, the spirit will predominate strongly with men and on the Earth no more ‘mine&#39; and ‘his&#39; will be seen, nor will be talked about it.</p>

<p>[6]&#160;You, who are now My friends, possess a big piece of land of the Earth that has been measured to you. Ask yourselves who measured it to you as your legal property, and the answer will&#160;be: the laws made by men, and your money and other treasures to which again only men have awarded an idle value to&#160;it.</p>

<p>[7]&#160;From God&#39;s point of view, the whole Earth belongs to all men in equal measure, as this was the case in the beginning. Wise men should divide it according to the need of the people and should teach them to cultivate it, and then the fruits should be partly distributed by the wise men and the surplus should be kept in warehouses and storehouses that are arranged for that, so that no one in the community should suffer need.</p>

<p>[8]<strong>&#160;But if the rich and mighty will draw everything unto themselves, a lot of people must by that become very poor and live their lives in great misery and distress, because everything belongs to the few rich and mighty but nothing to the poor, except what the rich and mighty want to give them in a scanty measure for the heavy work that they have done for them.</strong></p>

<p>(Great Gospel of John Book 20, chap. 30.&#160;&#160; About future events)</p>



<p>"[1] Thus, let everyone be full of meekness and humility. By that you will give each other the greatest and most true human honor, and live and have dealings with each other in peace and quietness.</p>

<p>[2] However, thirst for honor and pride will awaken resentment, offense, contempt, grudge, anger and finally vengeance, war and its evil consequences. <strong>The one who is proud and is thirsty for honor is also always full of self-interest and greed, and the sad consequence for the fact that he only wants to acquire everything for himself to increase his worldly honor, is that hundreds and thousands of people around him have nothing and must live in the greatest poverty and need, as it was the case during the time of Noah, and will be the case even more during the last time of the new paganism.</strong></p>

<p><strong>[3]&#160;But this evil and complete hellish condition among the people will be the judgment that they will cause themselves.<span class="fbUnderline"> The enormous number of poor and oppressed people will finally rise against their extremely proud oppressors and will make a short work with them, and this will be a second deluge by the fire of the finally too badly and too heavily oppressed poor people.</span></strong></p>

<p>[4]&#160;But during that time, also a natural fire will destroy many places, for <strong>because of a too highly inflated pursuit of earthly gain during that time,</strong> the people will penetrate like malicious worms into the depths of the Earth, will search therein all kinds of treasures and will also find them. However, once they will have reached the mighty layers of buried ancient forests of the Earth and will use them for the glowing and melting of metals and still for many other things, then also, the latest judgment which they will prepare for themselves, will be at the door.</p>

<p>[5]&#160;Yet, the people who will then live in the great cities of the kings and the mighty of the Earth of that time will have to suffer the most.</p>

<p>[6]&#160;Therefore, always stay meek and humble, and by that in true neighborly love, then no judgment will be called over you, because where during that time the people will live according to My order, there will be no last judgment. I have told you this now beforehand with the purpose that you will also tell and proclaim it to the people, so that finally no one can bring forward the excuse that he had not been warned for the danger.”</p>

<p>&#160;(Great Gospel of John Book 18, chap. 99. The coming judgments)</p>




<p>[5]&#160;<span class="fbUnderline"><strong>But when too many people will have reached the full measure of their evil</strong></span>, <strong>then the time of their unpunished evil actions will be shortened by Me for the sake of the still few good ones and chosen ones</strong>, and then their own judgment and their death will devour them before the eyes of the few righteous ones, just like it was the case at the time of Noah, and of Abraham and Lot, and also partially at the time of Joshua, and as it still will be repeatedly the case from now on.</p>

<p>[6]&#160;The beginning of that will soon be experienced by the Jews, as well as later by other kingdoms with their rulers and nations. <strong>And in not completely 2.000 years there will again be a very big and general judgment</strong>,<span class="fbUnderline"><strong> leading to salvation of the good ones and to ruin of the worldly great ones and the complete loveless people.</strong></span></p>

<p>[7]&#160;How that judgment will look like and what it will imply, that I have revealed already several times to all My disciples who are present here with Me, and after Me they will proclaim it to the nations of the Earth. Happy the one who will take it at heart and who will arrange his life accordingly, so that he will not be taken by the judgment.</p>

<p>(Great Gospel of John Book 20 Chap 97. About the measure of good and evil)</p>




<p>[16]&#160;Correspondingly, when men become, concerning their inner life&#160;activity, lukewarm, lazy, sleepy and without light, then immediately great movements will arise in the endless great spirit world, and these will then cause by their influence also all kinds of movements and waves among men who still live on this Earth. Then one nation rises against the other, one teaching fights against the other, and this will continue for a&#160;long time until men will be led to the greatest possible life&#160;activity.</p>

<p>[17]&#160;<strong>As a result, it will then also become clearer and lighter among them</strong>. The apparent need makes them inventive and forces them in this manner to an ever greater and more orderly activity. Because of that, the nations will learn to know each other, who before hardly knew anything of each other, and in time they will become useful for each other, and in course of time the light will&#160;increase among them and will in the first place bring about a greater longing for an almost tangible proven truth of life.</p>

<p>[18]&#160;When finally the need will become more general and the people will be no more satisfied with the pure authoritative belief, which is all the time a cause of the dark and lazy superstition, <strong>then the time will have come to give them a great and tangible light of life, full of clearness and truth.</strong></p>

<p>[19]&#160;<strong>And look, a lot of people on the whole Earth who nowadays are as if seized by a deep sleep by all kinds of laziness and darkness of life, <span class="fbUnderline">must thus be led into a heavy stormy movement until they can be awakened after a long series of periods of time to a point where in this awakened condition they finally begin to feel what they are lacking</span>.</strong>”&#160;</p>

<p>(Great Gospel of John Book 20 Chap. 10.&#160;&#160;The order in the household of God)</p>

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Christian Teen Fantasy Now Available

The Christian teen fantasy entitled Hafren: A Fantasy for the Young at Heart is now available.  The novel got a great review from the Midwest Book Review.  Hafren: A Fantasy for the Young at Heart is available from and from the Lighthouse Christian Publishing website fantasy page two.

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Seperate Faith from Fact

I hope you all enjoyed the article I posted yesterday about prayer and its effect on healing in the medical field. I also hope you took the eleven minutes or so to watch the video posted above: “10 Questions Every Intelligent Christian Must Answer.

By now you may be feeling several different emotions. You may be angry at the video, in deep thought, or downright questioning your faith.

I encourage you to do none of the above.

It’s good to question the bible and some of the aspects of Christianity. Think about school and learning in general. Teachers say that no question is a dumb question. If you do not understand, then ask. The same holds true to religion. If you are unsure of something, ask someone who may have the answer and then decide for yourself whether or not it’s logical.

It’s also important to remember that religion, like knowledge, is ever expanding and always changing. You can never learn enough, so consequently, you’ll never learn it all. While Christianity is consider “the truth,” it’s important to remember that we’ll never fully understand why on earth. Sure, we’ll believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins and was resurrected, but will we have ever answer about theology? Of course not.

The problem with the article I posted yesterday and the video today, is that both examples attempt to prove something we’ll never fully understand. God is not present on earth in a literal form so we cannot fully understand him. If you believe in Christianity, you do believe God appeared in human form through Jesus -but he is long gone (again, in a literal sense).

In John 20:29, Jesus tells the doubting Thomas who finally believed through sight, “Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.”

I do believe there is a little Thomas in all of us.

The problem is we want to explain, prove, pr disprove something that is not evident.

Why do other non-believers spend time and energy trying to disprove religion and Christianity more specifically?

I like to call it a moral obligation.

Which brings us to our conscience.

The conscience is perhaps the biggest loophole in fully understanding evolution. Sure, there is some evidence that points to this theory. Apes for example, are very intelligent, especially for an animal. Yet, we cannot prove whether or not they have a conscience.

I personally believe they do not and is the single biggest factor that separates humans from animals.

Animals are all about instinct and survival. It’s all about when the next meal will arrive and how will I get it.

Humans operate on such a higher plane.

So, the question becomes, if you believe like I do, how did humans receive a conscience? Was it merely by mistake and chance as evolution leads us or was some divine influence behind it all?

Faith is the evidence of the unseen.

If you believe in a God, then you automatically trust in something that is unknown to all of the human senses. The problem with non-believers is that they want to fill their spiritual side with facts and that defeats the process altogether.

I firmly believe that every human is blessed with physical traits, mental capacity, and a spiritual guide. The first two are a given. The spiritual side is up for debate. While some people may disagree, you would be hard pressed to find a logical argument. If individuals are not practicing religion, what are they doing in their free time to fill the spiritual side?

Yoga? Writing? Intellectual conversation about our purpose?

The problem with non-believers is that they want the answers when science does not even prove everything. Keep in mind that a “theory” in science is based on a series of experiments and studies that leads us to a final conclusion. The conclusion is up to debate and not bullet proof. In fact, some popular theories were and will continue to get disproved by newer and “more logical” theories. Does evolution fit under that bill? How about The Big Bang? Only time will tell.

I really believe that the majority of us believe in something more than just this universe. I use the term atheist a lot, but in all fairness, there are a lot more deists and other forms of “I think there is a God, but where he is or what he is doing is beyond me” in the world.

What’s ironic is these people are almost admitting, “Yes, there must be more to this world than just this, but I refuse to believe or acknowledge the God behind it all.”

These people understand that they’re specially crafted human beings and that there is more to this world, yet they refuse to compromise.

Instead they blindly search for all of the answers. They are fools who do not understand that nothing in this world is pure.

We’ll never have all the answers. The boredom…and danger of knowing everything is deadly. What would be the point in living if we had all the answers? Say there was no God. Would anything really make sense on this planet? What would be the point in rules, morals, and ethics when no consequences existed?

Some may argue that we could finally set our eyes on chasing money, fame, and power because that’s all that really matters. ALL THAT REALLY MATTERS! Have you seen the majority of celebrities in our culture? Most of them look incredibly unhappy. A lot of them are battling drug and alcohol addictions. Has anybody read Brian Welch’s story?

When will we get it through our heads that money and power cannot buy happiness?

Yet if we do not believe in a deity we automatically conform to earthly standards of living and success - which are money, power, and fame. ‘Cause you have to live for something, right?

Tomorrow I will tackle all of the questions posed in the video posted at the top of the page. I will attempt to give “some rationalization” or “invent an excuse on God’s behalf” to defend Christianity.

I will attempt to become intelligent, despite the misconception that Christians are obviously dumb and ignorant. I will attempt to answer questions from the ‘grand master’ who obviously thinks he is very intelligent despite the well known principle that anyone who is wise is humble.

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The Shark that wanted a human snack.

I was told this was a Christian site so here goes.

If you don’t understand spiritual warfare and their is a variety of Christians who get attacked by the enemy because of either being in Ministry doing the Will of God or have a calling and took the call, you won’t understand what I’m about to write down, you probably even got lost in the first sentence. This is a warning to people if you don’t like the message you don’t have to bother reading it.

For those who are ready for this story I’m about to write please stay tuned.

The Shark that wanted a human snack.

I was on my boogie board late in the summer back in close to the late 1980s where school was out and it was beach time. I was not too far out in the ocean I had my older brother with me as I also had my snorkelling gear with me, not the profession kind for gear. As I went over a wave I put my head under looking at the beautiful ocean floor. To my surprise when I went to lift my head up their were swarms of fish about three feet from me. Out of no where the swarm looked to be fading out as a big huge fish came out of the swarm of fish looking directly towards me. I could not believe what I was seeing then it opened its huge mouth and I lifted up my head and said shark out loud to my brother. My brother said be quiet , don’t make a scene just calmly swim back to the shore. Not listening to my brother I panicked and heard him say, stop Scott, don’t splash so much. If the shark wanted to get me it could of right their at that moment, but to my surprise it did not nor did I want it too. After reaching the shore I told a lifeguard what had happen and he rang the bell to get people out of the water. The Shark was no where to be found. My testimony I believe God was with me that kept tha shark from getting to me. Not to go too religious on you but I did start praying while I was swimming to shore with my boogie board.

If you liked that story feel free to sub to me , I have lots more to tell where that came from.

And I say this with all love hope and cheer those who want to be blessed be blessed have great day .

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The Trinity - Comparing God to Jesus Christ

Isaiah 40:18 “And to whom can YOU people liken God, and what likeness can YOU put along side Him?”

“He (Jesus) is the reflection of [his] glory and the EXACT representation of his very being” (Hebrews 1:3 )

1) The heavens are the works of God’s hands (Ps. 102:25) The heavens are the works of Jesus’ hands (Heb. 1:10)

2) God laid the foundations of the earth (Isa. 48:13) Jesus laid the foundations of the earth (Heb. 1:10)

3) God is our judge (Ps. 50:6; Eccl. 12:14; 1 Chron. 16:33) Jesus is our judge (2 Tim. 4:1; Rev. 20:12)

4) God is the temple of the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:22) Jesus is the temple of the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:22)

5) God is the alpha and omega (Rev. 1:8) Jesus is the alpha? and omega (Rev. 22:13)

6) God is the first and the last (Isa. 44:6; 48:12) Jesus is the first and the last (Rev. 22:13)

7) God is the beginning and the end (Rev. 21:6) Jesus is the beginning and the end (Rev. 22:13)

8) Only God can forgive sins (Luke 5:21) Jesus can forgive sins (Luke 5:20)

9) God is our hope (Ps. 71:5) Jesus is our hope (1 Tim. 1:1)

10) God is eternal (Deut. 33:27) Jesus is eternal (Isa. 9:6; Heb. 1:10-11)

11) God will come with all the holy ones (Zech. 14:5) Jesus will come with all the holy ones (1 Thess. 3:13)

12) Only God is our Savior? (Isa. 43:11) Jesus is our Savior (Tit. 2:13; 2 Pet. 1:1) Jesus is the creator of the universe (Jn. 1:3)

14) To God, every knee will bow and every tongue confess (Isa. 45:22-23) To Jesus, every knee will bow and every tongue confess (Phil. 2:10-11)

15) God is the same and his years will have no end (Ps. 102:27) Jesus is the same and his years will have no end (Heb. 1:12)

16) God is immutable (Mal. 3:6) Jesus is immutable (Heb. 13:8)

17) God is over all (Ps.? 97:9) Jesus is over all (Jn. 3:31)

18) The spirit of God dwells in us (Rom. 8:9) The spirit of Jesus dwells in us (Gal. 4:6)

19) God is a stone of offense and a stumbling block (Isa. 8:14) Jesus is a stone of offense and a stumbling block (1 Pet. 2:8)

20) God was valued at 30 pieces of silver (Zech. 11:12-13) Jesus was valued at 30 pieces of silver (Mt. 24:14-16)

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The Fat Shepherds Are Fleecing The Sheep - Ezekiel 34

<p>&#160; The Fat Shepherds Are Fleecing The Sheep - Ezekiel 34 &#160; What has happened to our society? Why is the world becoming more and more immoral and lawless? Why has the church lost its godly influence? There was a time when the church was well respected and had a strong moral grip on society but that is no longer the case. Why? The fact is, when the world looks at &#39;Christianity&#39; today, they see paedophiles, homosexuals, filthy-rich leaders and televangelists teaching false doctrine, self appointed prophets prophesying lies, crazy antics in churches and so called Christians joining with cults and pagan religions etc. There really is no need for us to scratch our heads and wonder why there has been such a strong moral decline in society – it is simply because the church has gone astray and lost its stabilising influence. The unsaved are not stupid; they see through much of the nonsense and, quite rightly, consider themselves as good as any &#39;Christian&#39; and perhaps even more righteous. How can a Christian talk to them about their sinfulness when they see the &#39;church&#39; doing the same things? Why should they bother seeking our guidance? A friend said that the Devil has done such a great job destroying the church that he is now holidaying somewhere in the Caribbean, and it doesn&#39;t look as though he will ever need to return to work. He can relax and enjoy his holiday because the shepherds he has placed in the church are doing a great job for him. &#160; Looking after the flock Ezek. 34 tells how the shepherds of Israel fed richly off the people but didn&#39;t take care of them, just as many of the church leaders do today. Ezek. 34:2-4 says, “Woe to the shepherds of Israel who only take care of themselves! Should not shepherds take care of the flock? You eat the curds, clothe yourselves with the wool and slaughter the choice animals, but you do not take care of the flock. You have not strengthened the weak or healed the sick or bound up the injured. You have not brought back the strays or searched for the lost. You have ruled them harshly and brutally.” Israel&#39;s shepherds were feasting off the flock while neglecting to care for them physically or spiritually; the spiritually weak were not being helped in their faith; those needing physical help were ignored; those who had strayed from the faith were not brought back or even searched for – the flock was neglected and abused in every way while the shepherds ate off the fat of the land. This is exactly what is happening in many churches today. Leaders are not tending their flocks but rather they are fleecing them and living in luxury while there are believers in great need worldwide. It can&#39;t be justified. &#160; Ezek. 34:5 gives the result of neglecting the flock: “They were scattered because there was no shepherd, and when they were scattered they became food for all the wild animals.” When believers are not being cared for, they can lose their faith and hope and wander off to become food for the many false religions and cults. It is common for people to get sucked into churches who promise all sorts of things but when these promises fail they leave in disappointment and bitterness, rejecting Christianity in the belief that it is full of lies. This leaves them wide open to other wolves who will seduced them into their hell-bound ways. &#160; False doctrine 2 Tim. 4:3 tells us that “the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.” Surely that time is now. Many leaders and televangelists have replaced solid doctrine with shallow &#39;all about me&#39; nonsense - “Make me rich! Give me power!” Their teachings are shamelessly self-centred yet well received by many itching ears because it is all about what they can get from God, rather than death to self. Death to self is complete self-denial but many prefer the lies as Jer. 5:31 tells us: “The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority, and my people love it this way. But what will you do in the end [at the judgment]?” &#160; Most Christians believe that Jesus&#39; return cannot be too far off. If we really believe this then we must also take careful note of His warnings of end time deception (Matt. 24). If you and I want to be able to discern this deception then we must have a good understanding of scripture. If we don&#39;t know the real thing then how can we discern a fake? Do you study your Bible and take it to church or do you just believe the voice from the pulpit? That voice could be one of the Devil&#39;s co-workers masquerading as a servant of righteousness (see 2 Cor. 11:13-15). We only get one chance at salvation so we must be careful and study the Bible to see if we are in the truth and truly born again. Jesus commands us not to be deceived - can you biblically defend what you have been led to believe? Do you get upset when someone questions your beliefs? If so, then it is a sign that you are not secure in your doctrine, you may be in error. We all need to study opposing doctrine and have peace about what we believe. If we are misled then we can&#39;t blame someone else. We must check things out for ourselves. Remember, there is no second chance, no Purgatory. &#160; Finishing off The greatest reason for the world&#39;s ever worsening condition is that the church has lost its godly influence over society. Christianity was once a standard for morality and common decency but ungodly behaviour by so called Christians has blackened the name of Jesus. Sadly, the unsaved see the wickedness and nonsense in the &#39;church&#39; and think it is Christianity. A good way to explain things to the unsaved, and witness at the same time, is to show them Matt. 24 where Jesus predicted it would happen before He returns to destroy the wicked. &#160; We really can&#39;t do anything about the falling away of the church because it is part of end time prophecy. However, we can be good Bereans and search the scriptures to be sure of what we believe. My question to you is, “Are you in the faith or into heresy?” Search the scriptures and be separate from the wicked. &#160; &#160; This article can be downloaded under the heading Blog Articles at &#160; &#160; Mick Alexander Email: Website: &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160;</p>

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Mike Overson's Bible notes

<p> My Bible notes at Multiply are only until they will discontinue it like Friendfeed did, (nice going you evil atheists, see pages 165 and 210). Because I, (Mike Overson), had a calling&#160; to represent Jesus&#39; return,&#160; (an awkward job but somebody had to do it), I felt obligated to make a note on every part of the Bible that I received as a sign. It&#39;s not finished yet but I thought I&#39;d better post what I have in case I die a premature death. The latest update on 12-22-12 is on page 211, previous updates on 11-23-12 are on pages 33 to 46 and 188 to 211. After making these updates I&#39;m convinced that Multiply is making a very evil mistake, (= a siren at 1148am which confirms it because it means "I can&#39;t believe how cold you are"). The only way I know of to stop Multiply in a case like this is by PRAYER, (see pages 33 and 115 or my class L122 here at Multiply or at Vimeo), so I&#39;m praying that God will rescue social networking at Multipy and I hope others will to. latest Bible notes on 12-22-12 @ page At Multiply: Download the attached Bible notes zip file and open it in text edit and instead of printing it click Preview for the best view of these notes. (I make these instructions idiot proof in case anyone is as dumb at computers as I am.)</p>

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