China's Persecution Of Christians On The Rise


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503   3 years ago
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503   3 years ago
On 9 December, (2018), China's police state began a crackdown on Christians from the Early Rain Covenant Church. More than 100 Christians were detained over the next few days, with arrests continuing as this report was released. The senior pastor, Wang Yi and his wife had not been heard from since their arrest.

This video includes a powerful declaration by Wang Yi, written two months earlier, about the concept of "faithful disobedience”. He sees Christians in and out of the underground church in China (and around the world) using the corruption within the Chinese government and its persecution of the Christian church to demonstrate our faith in a greater government, the Kingdom of Heaven, and the cross of Jesus Christ.

This is a call for Christians to come out of lukewarm religion, to take up your cross in obedience to Jesus Christ in solidarity with persecuted Christians everywhere.

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Tiananmen Square by Brandon Carson
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