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Supernatural Motivation by Kamal Emanuel aka Kamal Imani Supreme
Take me higher!
Know that inside of you is an ocean filled with emotion, a monster called Leviathan who wants to kill your devotion and motivation to go to higher realms and spiritual destinations
Whenever this hater within sees that you’re in higher vibrations it wants to cause you to sin
So you won’t be in atonement, that’s at one with him
But the object is not to let him win, you gotta talk to him you gotta say
get behind me satan
The Most High God I found, and I ain’t gonna let nobody turn me around
Cause you are now in the Kingdom, the royal assembly of God
And no matter what
You gotta keep your spiritual energy up

You gotta watch for that little hater that whispers from inside ya. He want you to doubt and he wants you to fear
And if you confront the object of your fears
You will see that it’s just a paper tiger
So challenge your fears, because your victory is near
Look inside of you, listen, your God is here
When you fall down, get back up, persevere
Like Job, they can take everything from you, but you’ll get it back
Cause your God is real and that’s a fact
Like Joseph and the prodigal son, you’ll be back
Like Jesus, they thought it was a wrap
Like Lazarus, you’ll resurrect
Just take it day by day and step by step and keep the faith soldier
Keep the faith!
Hold on to the handle that doesn’t break
And believe you can fly
Cause you’re a child of the most high
Supernatural Motivation | Kamal Emanuel | Kamal Supreme (

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